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Exhibition in Florence



World's oldest academy of Western European art, founded in 1563 г. Cosimo de 'Medici, Florence Academy of Art Drawing It is an exhibition of contemporary Russian artists – Edward Anikonov (painting) and Vadim Kirillov (sculpture). Art project "Arhetypы» – their first creative retrospective in Italy. The exhibition includes recent works, united by the common theme of the search for and creation archetypesprimary way.

by genre exposition resembles a collection of quotations - works, learned from the most important cultural themes for authors. So, Vadim Kirillov sculpture series («tetramorph» 2019)It takes us to the first character // Christian philosophy. Exploring the nature of occurrence of the word, sculptor conducts its own research, which sequentially reproduces obrazyfilosofov, writing sacred texts, merging with them and become part of a book, manuscript («knowledge of the truth», 2017; «book Keeper», 2015). For the author of such a process is accurate and capacious metaphor for creativity: from idea to realization, in which the artist is compared with a laboratory alchemist. The author reminds us, that, but "plain meaning", indulge in external form, picture, sculpture bears and other, deeper meanings.

Arhetypыpainting Edouard Anikonov, the most stable form of his works, It based on creating color contrasts mechanisms with sculptural forms of dialogue, relating us to the ancient classics WHAT? ("Names", year?). Graphic color and dynamism, canvas zavoevyvayaprostranstvo, It creates a new reality. Here the traditional pictorial culture, connecting to the topical themes of contemporary, It is a valuable feature of the personal artistic handwriting. Thing, mechanism as a part of nature without function, but in the context of ideas- This general description of the idea of ​​art here and now.

Painter, working with large brush strokes of color open, isolates on canvas independent objects. His favorite geometry are spiral, a circle – everything, that has nothing to do with direct linii.Yarkie colors - echoes of love E. Anikonov to Russian folklore and folk art. Here the artist has approached closer to the pure painting. The forms have become almost schemes, giving way to bold, rich color dynamics.



The works are grouped not in chronological order, and built a special install image, and in contrast, simultaneously, in a dialogue with each other, revealing, in this way, as the themes and motifs archetypalembodied the authors in different artistic formats - painting and sculpture.


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