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He was born in Moscow in 1967 year, graduated from the Moscow Art School and continued his education at the Moscow Art Academic Institute named after Surikov at the Department of Sculpture in the studio of the famous Soviet sculptor L.E. Кербеля.

Vadim has led one of the precepts of his teacher's favorite: "If you can not sculpt, it is better not lepi, artists and so much, and if it could not be - well, nothing can be done ".
The student met the expectations master. His diploma work was marked by the Kirillov-examinations nationalism Commission and sent to an exhibition of young European artists in Paris (UNESCO). This was followed by a three-year internship in the creative workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts, well-deserved result of which was Roman bas-relief of Ryazan on the southern facade of the restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

"Sculpture has traditionally been a part of the architecture, it is perceived by us, the volume and shape, existing in space, – Kirillov says . – In my work I have tried to make the space — air, composition of the surrounding, – the active component of the product. The idea is the principle of the common grid. Vechesky human eye can perceive as bars, components of the grid itself, and the gap between them. And in the, In both cases, We see the same. Naturally, space can be active in and carry the same visual load, as the volume ".

Vadim's creative vision demanded by society. He - the author of the monument, -raise in order to 1999 in the town of Kashira in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great national poet, Alexander Pushkin. Among his works, caused public outcry, — high relief of the Slovenian poet, author of the national anthem Franz Preseren (should be given to write the original language), installed at the Embassy of Slovenia in the Mo-skve; sculpture "Ckripki" for the French city of Monte Carlo.

When the Russian Judo Federation decided to organize an international tournament for the Cup of the President of Russia (is known, Vladimir Putin has engaged in this sport), then a grand prize - a trophy entrusted to Vadim Kirillov . The sculptural composition of bronze weighing more than 40 kg represents a clash of two wrestlers, judokas.

Small bronze sculptures by sculptor is of special interest. Perhaps, it most fully embodies its author's handwriting. Unusual for subjects, attract an entirely original works of decorative elegance of every detail. Figurative compositions based on the relationship between the eternal and the specific, sharpness and accuracy of emotional states.
Why the artist chose their own style symbiosis of sculpture, drawing and painting? What effect it is trying to achieve? What ideas to feed? What are the traditions he Opir-etsya? Vadim does not hide, that the sources of his inspiration was European art, mainly Gothic.

"Gothic art was first published in canonized works of architecture, Painting and Sculpture, — he says. — Hence, for example, the art of stained glass. Analyzing all, I tried to recreate in his work, this balance of space and form. So on my first sculpture: "The Royal huntsman", "Winner. St. George », "Eve. Conversation ".

The next attempt, — Vadim continues, — was to find its own plastic language, Reception, which could be characterized as a product. "In his last works," Matador ", "Stargazer", "Don Juan" he used a new technology. Here is how this he: "I do a lot of preparatory drawings GOVERNMENTAL life size. Then produce patterns-patterns, cast layers of wax and cut out the patterns on these pieces of sculpture. And from the plane of the sheet there are some parts. This is reminiscent of origami and technology, and the eastern theater of shadows. The next step — Cast in bronze and assembly ".

So there is a breathtaking balancing on the verge of static and flight, rest and motion. Any new work for Vadim Kirillov — approval of their own worldview. Could this be enclosed and established artistic individuality?